Courage to change.






These things that have been so relevant to our personal journeys have grown ever more meaningful to our nation as a whole.

God, grant us the courage to change the things we can.

Because…yes, we can.


3 Responses to “Courage to change.”

  1. 1 Gabriella Moonlight

    Very nice! Thank you!

  2. yep. true.
    hello there. hows it going?

  3. 3 C

    Thank you both for your comments. Things going fairly well. Had a bumpy weekend but made it through (trying to write a post right now). Good news is, I didn’t drink. And I should be getting my 30-day chip on Wednesday.

    I find that writing is quite therapeutic, and helps keep me focused and on track.

    I imagine that’s why a lot of people do it…

    I hope you both had a good Monday.

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