Trading vices.


skullciggerySo here I am in the Big Apple on a girls’ weekend, with a mere 30 days of sobriety in the AA program under my belt.

There have been plenty of opportunities to tumble off the wagon, needless to say. I’m here with my best girls – the ones with whom I’ve enjoyed many a good night out with many a good drink.

Pre-departure, when my sponsor was giving me her helpful hints on different things to do when out at a drinking event — meeting friends at a bar, say — she told me this surprising advice: smoke ’em if you got ’em.

I’ve been a social smoker in the past – smoking only when drinking, and on rare occasions when not. Luckily, I don’t seem to have the smoker gene, so it never became a habit.

So, while in NYC, I’ve smoked a cigarette every night.

Strangely, it helped me to have this guilty little pleasure at my disposal.

My girlfriends were a little dismayed, at first. Cancer, they said. Nasty. Smelly.

But I told them it was a far better thing to have smoked before driving than to have drank before driving. And I assured them I wouldn’t let any secondhand smoke drift their way. And that I wasn’t in danger of taking it up as a regular thing.

I will toss the pack when I return home.

But until then, I’m gonna smoke ’em. ‘Cause I got ’em.


3 Responses to “Trading vices.”

  1. Whose hands are those? They’re so handsome.

    I laughed out loud at this photo. Said hand model has been smoke-free for almost two months now.

    But enough about my husband.

    NY is the hardest place in the world to not drink. Every other business on the street seems to be a bar. That was an amazing accomplishment.

    Very proud of you.

  2. 2 Becky

    I stumbled across your blog from the link to the comment you wrote on the ny times website. both have provided me with some much needed comfort today! i am 8 months sober, resisting AA, and smoking like a chimney! thank you for making me feel not so alone.

  3. 3 C


    Thanks for reading. I’m glad it helped.

    Congrats on 8 months. Keep it up.

    I’m still smoking – 4 months into my sobriety – maybe one or two a day, sometimes more.

    You’re not alone. Keep remembering that. And keep coming back, if you like.

    Take care and good luck.


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