Angel in the unemployment line?


Angle robes & wings

I heard this story (or something like it) at an AA meeting the other day. Back in the day, it was the sort of thing that would have inspired a fair share of derisive eye-rolling on my part. And now? I think maybe it’s a little corny, but a nice enough reminder to count our blessings and give credit where it’s due, whether you’re an agnostic or an angel aficionado.

A visitor to Heaven is walking down a hall with his angelic tour guide, who stops in front of two closed doors.

The angel opens the first door for the visitor, who beholds a hubbub of activity. Inside an enormous room that seems to go on forever, an infinite number of angels are busily opening mail, answering phones, typing on computers. Not a single one sits idle.

“These angels are in charge of receiving all prayers and requests,” says the guide. “They toil around the clock.”

“Wow,” says the visitor, taking it all in, amazed by the multitudes at work.

The angel smiles and gently closes the first door, then moves over to the second door. She turns the knob and slowly reveals the room beyond.

The visitor sees it is just as enormous as the first room, but instead of a bustling throng, there is but one lone angel, sitting still at a desk.

“Why isn’t this angel working? Doesn’t she have a job?” the visitor asks, puzzled.

“Oh indeed, she has a job,” responds the guide. “She’s in charge of receiving all the thank you’s.”

I’ve sent out an ungodly heap of requests these past few weeks. So today, I made an effort to send out some thank you’s.

Just doing my part to keep an angel off the dole.

2 Responses to “Angel in the unemployment line?”

  1. 1 Gabriella Moonlight

    Great post, I’ve heard that story a few times in a few different rooms, but I like the idea of keeping the angel off the dole, thank you for the smile.


  2. That’s a bittersweet story. Thanks for sharing it.

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