Life’s a bowl of cranberries. (My thankful post.)



Today, I am thankful for:

my Polish grandmother’s pierogi recipe.


my family, even with all their angst-inducing nuttiness.

my sense of humor, which helps me deal with the above-mentioned family.

my friends, who also help me deal.

my daughters and their exasperatingly, exhilaratingly different personalities.

sprigs of rosemary fresh from my garden.

the lovely aquamarine of the lake just outside my window.

the chocolate milk that lets me turn my regular coffee into “mocha.”

having met and loved B., no matter what happens.

my wise and wonderful sister.

my sobriety.

4 Responses to “Life’s a bowl of cranberries. (My thankful post.)”

  1. 1 K.

    Well, I am thankful for MY wise and wonderful sister, who had the incredible courage to examine her life and begin to make the necessary changes.

    I love reading your blog, C. And I am thinking of you every day, sending you and your children and B. my love.

    Mmmmm… Grandma’s pierogis. I’m going to make up a batch today!

  2. 2 a

    c, thankful for your friendship, too.

  3. me, three. on the friendship thanks.

  4. 4 sprinklesparkle

    You sound very much like me 🙂 Only difference being that I am not a mother yet. Not married too for that matter. As yet. But yes, rest of the things match up, pretty much. I think writing a ‘thankful post’ helps us so much to, I guess realize what & who matters how much. A good read.

    Em (M) 🙂

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