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I told B. that I knew I had a drinking problem on our fifth date, a little over two years ago. I was pretty smashed at the time. I can’t remember his response, but he didn’t seem to mind. I stayed over at his house for the first time that night. Although we drank a […]

Thank God I’m not a radio host. I’d have incurred some hefty FAA fines tonight. After dinner, I completely lost it with my 11-year-old (a.k.a. Control Freak Jr.). She got frustrated while doing her homework and I got frustrated at her frustration. She started yelling and I started yelling about her yelling. She started charging […]

New York, post.


Back from NYC, home safe and sound and happy. I had such a good time that I was sort of fearing coming home, thinking I would suffer some post-vacation blues. Instead, I feel very content. I took in a Broadway show and got to visit backstage, had some wonderful girl time, experienced some very inspiring […]

Trading vices.


So here I am in the Big Apple on a girls’ weekend, with a mere 30 days of sobriety in the AA program under my belt. There have been plenty of opportunities to tumble off the wagon, needless to say. I’m here with my best girls – the ones with whom I’ve enjoyed many a […]

I am in New York City for a girls’ weekend. I have been slightly nervous about this trip since I started in AA a month ago. My friends are good friends – my BFFs, in fact, and they’re all very understanding and supportive. They’re also my old drinking buddies. And old habits die hard. I […]