Off to La-La land.


Pink plane clouds Very early yesterday morning, I boarded a plane to Los Angeles.

I’ll be out here for 5 days while shooting some tv commercials (I am an advertising writer). I’m staying at a very nice hotel, eating out most nights, living on an expense account, working long hours.

It’s the sort of situation that just sets me right up for drinking. In the past, on trips like these, I always found a reason to drink:

  • because I needed to relieve the stress of a hectic day
  • because it made a boring dinner with the client tolerable
  • because I didn’t want to feel nervous around the uber-cool L.A. types
  • because we had a good shoot and wanted to celebrate
  • because it was free
  • because everybody else was drinking
  • because I didn’t want to go to sleep with just my thoughts in a lonely hotel room

This trip, there’s no reason good enough — or bad enough, for that matter — to make me want to drink. Even so, I’m going to get my ass to an AA meeting, stat.

I’ve looked online and I’m thankful to know that AA meetings are quite plentiful in this town. Kinda like fake boobs.


4 Responses to “Off to La-La land.”

  1. I’m from L.A. I got sober in L.A. You will have a great time. As long as you’re not on the 405 for 6 hours a day. Just sayin’.

  2. Have you read “Drinking, A love story,” by Caroline Knapp?

    It’s a great read and a true story. Check it out.

    Have fun in LA. Walks on the beach, my friend. Walks on the beach.

  3. Hope you have a safe, sober trip.

  4. 4 C

    Thanks for your comments and support.

    Yeah, there are plenty of things to drive you crazy here. But also lots to help keep you sane, like the beach – and those meetings. If I can just get to them!

    I have read that book – a while back, when I was reading a bunch of books like that, about the drinking life. I also read Pete Hamill’s book. Can’t remember them that well (hmmmm…..) but have them in my bookshelf, so I can re-read.

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