Booze, regifted.



Behold the contents of my gift bag from our tv commercial production company: A big-ass bottle of vodka, a fancy bottle of wine, snacks and magazines.

Each of the four people from our agency found the same thing waiting for them at the hotel concierge desk on Monday.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but…seriously? I mean, seriously?

We were set to be in L.A. for five days. Did they really think we would each consume all that alcohol in four nights? And if that was the case, why not include some mixers for the Ketel One? Or make it four bottles of wine? Or just give us a gift card to the Marina del Rey LiquorMart?

I went to dinner with my non-alcoholic friend S. Thursday night, and bestowed my booze upon her. She’s on a bit of a budget these days, so she was delighted. And I felt generous and relieved.

As I keep discovering, it all has a way of working out.

However, I do want to suggest that our production company rethink its gift-giving strategy…


4 Responses to “Booze, regifted.”

  1. Yo…

    I did the very same thing last year. I re-gifted a bottle of wine. The recipient was tickled. So I enjoyed that a bit of happiness and thanked God that I could be used in that way.

    It gonna happen, but hey… this kind of thing only makes us stronger.

    Ciao. Chaz

  2. 2 C

    Yeah, I’m expecting more swag from other companies in the coming weeks – so there will likely be plenty of bottles of wine to bring as hostess gifts to parties.

    Just glad I was able to give it away before I got too tempted…

    Thanks for your message, and for your one on an earlier post. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Yo C…

    I have Christmas party coming up for work on Saturday. It is the usual thing with a few people kinda pissed right from the get go.

    Last year, we drove a drunk home. It was pathetic the shape she drank herself into. Those days I do not miss.

    In fact, I am enjoying recovery so much, there is very little other than the odd fleeting thought that I miss about the booze days.

    Newcomers help me keep this in perspective.

    Have a great Christmas.



  4. 4 C

    Thanks, Chaz.

    I find those fleeting thoughts you mentioned are coming to me less and less often, too. (even though I’m just now creeping up on my second month of sobriety!) And when I think of what I’ve missed – I don’t really miss it all that much.

    Hope your holidays are lovely.



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