AA chips: Collect them all!


2 month chip

On Tuesday, I went to an AA meeting and collected this chip to mark my second month of sobriety — 60 days of not drinking.

When I type that, the length of time seems so…short…minor…insignificant. Yet it also seems huge, and like an eternity.

At this particular AA group (one of several I attend), each person who has a sobriety “birthday” that month writes it up on a chalkboard in the meeting room. There are names up there with dates in the 1960’s, before I was even born. To have 40+ years of sobriety seems unfathomable to me. I can’t imagine going to a meeting in 2048 and getting a 40-year chip. I’m not sure if such a thing even exists. If it does, what does it look like? Hmmm….I’m thinking platinum, with two ginormous, diamond-encrusted “A’s” in the center. Yeah…something to make even the most blinged-out rappers envious.

Now, I know it’s just a number, and I know that no matter how many hours or days or years or decades of sobriety each of us AA’s has, we all start each new day in the same place. “One Day at a Time,” right?

But I have to admit that with every addtional day of not drinking that I have under my belt, I seem to become that much more determined not to screw up my “record” thus far. I don’t know why I feel that way, or if it’s even a good way to look at it. After all, I’ve heard “Progress, not perfection” enough times, and I don’t want to set myself up for a big fall, if I should ever fall. But this idea is working for me right now, so I’m gonna go with it.

So I’m determined to keep on collecting those chips. ‘Cause damn if I don’t want the entire set.

5 Responses to “AA chips: Collect them all!”

  1. I have written before about how sometimes the only thing that keeps me sober is knowing I have accumulated “X” amount of days. It isn’t everyday that I feel that way. But to me, it is no different than raising a child up day after day, year after year. To watch them grow and develop with each passing minute. All those minutes count. And so does every single minute of the years I’ve accumulated in recovery and the days that you are putting together.

    I am very proud of you. 60 days is a remarkable accomplishment. I hope you hang on to that sobriety with every ounce of energy you have. It’s precious. Well done.

  2. Congratulations, honey! I am so, so proud of you!

  3. This is how Chris talks to himself about his quit smoking days. He’s got about two months now, too.

    I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if Sunday will be difficult for you, if others are drinking?

    Anyway, congrats on the milestone. Any amount of time is great when the commitment is there.

  4. 4 C

    Thanks all for the support and encouragement. It is another big motivator for me!

  5. Congratulations!!

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