A designated gift.


rainy view

When I think of all the times in my alcoholic career that I drove while buzzed or flat-out drunk, I am ashamed — and amazed. Thank God/heavens/My Higher Power that nothing more horrible than a dented Volvo ever came of those wild rides. Now that I’m sober, I feel I have an opportunity to do a penance of sorts for my drunk driving sins: I can be the Designated Driver.

I’ve acted as DD a few times now in my two months of sobriety. I thought I would hate it. I actually ended up enjoying it.

Not only was it amusing to listen to the often slurred and silly conversations taking place, it felt good to be able to do this favor for my friends.

I heard on the radio today that in 2007, during the week from Christmas to New Year’s, 900 people were arrested for drunk driving in the state of Texas. That seems low to me. Knowing my own stats, I can only imagine how many more got away with it. Or worse — caused or experienced an accident.

If you’re not doing so already, I encourage my fellow AA’s (and those who just choose to abstain) to offer up their own DD services this holiday season. I think it’s a gift everyone can appreciate.

One Response to “A designated gift.”

  1. That picture says it all. It reminds me of the haze that I use to drive in while intoxicated. All of the time.

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