Lead me not into temptation.


winewallDoes anyone besides me find it a cruel joke that Girl Scout Cookies go on sale at the beginning of the year? Here it is, right after most of us have solemnly sworn to cut back on sweets or to lose weight or to stop contributing to the Capitalist indoctrination of little girls. And those damn cookie stands have sprung forth in front of every shopping center and on the corner of every major intersection in my neighborhood. That can only mean one thing: At some point, I will succumb to the Thin Mints.

But that’s nothing compared to the other temptation that now beckons, mere blocks away.

A few months ago, the mega-shoestore in our neighborhood shopping center went under, and that retail space has remained empty, save for the month it held a Halloween costume/decoration store. Several weeks ago, though, construction crews appeared. In the blink of an eye, stained concrete floors were poured, display cabinets and shelves and light fixtures went up, and a hardwood bar was installed.

And then, it happened: the Grand Opening of The Mother of All Wine & Liquor Stores.

I have to say, it’s a thing of Beauty. Yes, Beauty with a capital “B.”

When I walked by it en route to my grocery store, on a Sunday night, its doors were closed, but the ambient lighting gave a glorious glow to the store’s contents: walls and walls of wine (my personal choice of poison), charming little bistro tables and chairs, and a perfectly polished tasting bar. I stood and stared at the magnum of Veuve Cliquot proudly perched on one corner of that bar. The way my nose nearly pressed against the sparkling window, I imagine I looked like an awestruck kid who’d just discovered Willy Wonka had set up shop in her hometown.

I started writing this post thinking how the timing of this store’s appearance just steps from the grocery store I frequent several times a week was also a cruel joke, right now when I am a scant 3 months into my sobriety. And yet, upon reflection, I’m glad it appeared now, rather than, say, 4 months ago. Heaven knows how often I might have found myself browsing the wine racks, or how I might have befriended the staff, asking for their latest recommendations. It would have made it all too easy, and more enticing and enjoyable, to continue drinking my nightly bottle of wine. Not that my grocery store doesn’t have a respectable wine section. But I think this new store somehow would have helped keep me in denial, by encouraging the delusion that my wine habit was more about taste and connoisseurship.

I’ve yet to step inside the place, though I want to, mostly out of curiosity and a desire to admire the aesthetics. I honestly don’t think I’d be tempted to belly up to the tasting bar or to buy a good bottle of Bordeaux.  Still, it’s just too close, and too soon.

So for now, bring on the Thin Mints.

3 Responses to “Lead me not into temptation.”

  1. I’m feeling you on this one. Harsh. But you can handle it. I have faith.

  2. It’s a test, you know. I’m not a terribly religious person, but things like this do make me stop and wonder…

    Amen on the Girl Scout temptation. I’ve been abstaining for weeks, and they’ve totally been haunting me on every corner, but I finally succumbed today and bought 2 boxes of Samoas (I can’t call them anything else) and 2 boxes of Thin MInts. And that’s exactly what I had for lunch. Girl Scout cookies. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    You know what’s great about Girl Scout cookies? No hangover.

  3. 3 C


    I got my Thin Mints this weekend. I begrudgingly shared some with the girls. Packed a few in their lunches this morning. I am trying NOT to buy another box.

    Yep, no hangover. Just a sugar crash, which I’ll take over that any day.

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