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Just a little light-hearted AA humor to start the weekend off right. TGIF.

My neighbor T. asked for my help last week. Her partner was away on a business trip, and in order to make two early morning appointments, she needed me to give their two kids a ride to school on Tuesday and Thursday. No problemo, I said. T. told me that when her partner learned T. […]

I’ve never been one of those people who feels comfortable parading about my gym’s locker room au naturel. Even back when I looked a bit more buff in the buff (many moons ago) I still wore my workout clothes home from Spa Lady Fitness and showered in the privacy of my own cramped bathroom. If […]

Dear AA, At the risk of getting all mushy and corny, I wanted to tell you what a difference you’ve made in my life. You’ve opened the door to a better understanding, acceptance and appreciation of myself. Through you, I’ve met many incredibly wise, loving and very human people. You’ve helped me start to make […]

At a meeting last week, someone expressed this idea with physical gestures. He spread his arms wide to represent just how much in life he had to let go — that he realized he couldn’t do anything about. And then, to indicate how much he had power over, he held his thumb and forefinger up, […]