AA Meetings: the pie chart


mtg chart

Just a little light-hearted AA humor to start the weekend off right.



5 Responses to “AA Meetings: the pie chart”

  1. Jelly doughnuts?! That is hilarious 🙂

  2. I really think Jelly Donuts should be replaced with “Shut Up, dear god shut up already… I have heard this story a thousand times!”

  3. C….

    In our meetings, you would need to swap Jelly Donuts with Checkin out Hotties from Rehab.

    I know this is all tongue in cheek, yet many a true word is spoken in jest.

    I think a good inclusion in everyone’s program is a men’s only meeting for men and ladies only for ladies. Unless one is of course preferreing…. well you know what I mean. But anyway…. fewer distractions the better.

    In early recovery, when I did my 90 in 90, I made it my determination and challenge to practice focusing on the content of the meeting. I made effort to arrive early and sit up front to avoid distrations.

    Today, I think I can get more out a meeting than most do. Not meaning to brag. But even the most chaotic meetings I get something out of when others don’t. Developing a good filter is an asset in recovery. Especially when both genders are in the room.

    Meaningful graph!



  4. 4 C2

    Hey C!

    Enjoying your blog. Like some others, found it thru NYT alcohol blog.

    I’ve been sober since 10-16-06 – we share the same anniversary date!

    Took me a few tries to get comfortable in AA, but it’s become an incredible source of support and joy in my otherwise busy life.

    In the meetings I usually attend, the biggest pie slice would probably be some form of expensive coffee …


  5. 5 molly

    that’s pretty funny.. yeah – we are all ACTING like we listen in all sorts of meetings but our minds are split on many things..

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