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In the advertising world in which I work (and which no doubt harbors many an alcoholic), it’s well-accepted that the best tag lines are simple, easy to say, and easy to remember. “Good to the last drop.” “Where’s the beef?” “Drivers wanted.” The ones that stick are also often inspirational or empowering. “Have it your […]

Before I left for my high school reunion two weeks ago, I wrote a post about the trip and my formative years, and how integral drinking had been to my high school experience. And while I had no worries about staying sober during my visit to the past, I wasn’t sure what sorts of emotions […]

Calendars be damned. It’s been Spring in Central Texas for several weeks now. I’ve already got a good crop of basil sprouting in my garden, and a tomato plant that’s about to swap its blossoms for fruit. What’s more, I already held my annual yard sale to purge our home of my daughters’ accumulated plastic […]



  En route to my high school reunion yesterday, I had an hour layover in Dallas-Ft. Worth. I got some lunch and then strolled around, camera in hand, snapping on the fly every now and then.  When it was getting close to boarding time, I started heading toward my gate.    Just in front of […]

This weekend, I’ll be traveling back in time to the era of Rick Springfield, Reaganomics and Princess Di. I’m leaving this morning for Virginia to attend an impromptu high school reunion. My two BFFs from high school and I are making a girls’ weekend of it. We’ve kept in touch over the years, but it’s […]

  I wasn’t reassured when I first heard those words, “You are not alone,” uttered as a reassurance. To be honest, it kind of creeped me out. It sounded like something The Smoking Man would tell Molder on “The X Files.” As if aliens or (even scarier) the government were constantly watching me, tracking my […]