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When my youngest daughter, E., was about two years old, she was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, also called “NF.” NF is a genetically determined disease that affects many parts of the body in many ways. It causes tumors to grow along the nervous system, and these can be benign or cancerous. Even the benign ones can […]

I just had to share something that really tickled me when I logged in to my WordPress dashboard today. For those readers who aren’t bloggers, the “dashboard” is the control panel for a blog. Among its features is a section that allows a blogger to see how traffic to the site is generated — including […]

October 16, 2008 is my sobriety “birthday.” This week I picked up the lovely blue chip that marks my achieving six months of sobriety in the AA program. After a bit of reflection, I thought I’d share some stats about the past six months of my life: 182 = alcohol-free evenings 182 = hangover-free mornings […]

Sobraiku #5


Then: mourning person Daybreak ached, wasted on me Now: morning person

I attended an interesting and quite lively AA meeting this morning. A visitor from Houston who said he was a singer/songwriter specializing in recovery music regaled us with the tale of his GPS-addled journey to find the meeting place. He was such a hoot, I suspect he might have been a recovering stand-up comedian. Also […]

I recently had a reader, who apparently is contemplating getting sober herself, ask me if my sobriety was as easy as I made it sound. Her takeaway from reading all of my posts was that it seemed pretty easy for me, and that I appeared to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. […]

I’ve got a thing for poetry, which means that today finds me especially happy, for April is National Poetry Month. I’m also happy because it’s spring, and absolutely lovely in my neck of the woods these days. During times like these, when life feels so damn good, it’s easy enough to cruise along and let […]