Searching for some kick-ass sobriety.


I just had to share something that really tickled me when I logged in to my WordPress dashboard today.

For those readers who aren’t bloggers, the “dashboard” is the control panel for a blog. Among its features is a section that allows a blogger to see how traffic to the site is generated — including what sort of search terms lead people to the blog.


When I logged on this morning, I immediately noticed that someone had found my blog by searching for “sobriety kicks ass” and this made me grin. I love it, because I have to agree whole-heartedly. Yes, indeed. Sobriety does, in fact, kick ass.

And while I’m not sure why those particular terms lead the searcher to my blog (I’m fairly certain I haven’t used that exact phrase in any of my posts), I’m glad that it lead to me. If ever there were a good way to sum up my current feelings about being sober, I think “kick ass” fills the bill.

Of course, I have to admit that now I’m wondering exactly who was searching with that particular phrase, and why. Not to mention…did he find what he was looking for?

I hope so.


4 Responses to “Searching for some kick-ass sobriety.”

  1. That’s pretty cool.

  2. hahaha cool
    i dont have this featur eon the dashboard but get it from sitemeter
    anyway nice story thanks for sharing it 🙂

  3. 3 realisticrecovery

    Just Google’d the phrase “sobriety kicks ass” to see if there was a t-shirt with this phrase on it.
    Results: your site was the first and second listings.
    T-shirt was 4th.

    I like your blog.

  4. 4 Bill

    I have another blog that deals loosely with Buddhism and recovery. Somehow, for about a month, I was getting Google referrals from “fundamentalist Christian beliefs.” I looked and looked for a reason; never found one. At least yours is in the ballpark.

    Love your blog. So genuine. Congrats on the looming 5-0.

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