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Today I am doing what the majority of our American population is doing, hanging out in the sun having fun (albeit without alcohol), grilling, slurping down watermelon, etc. But I’m also remembering a conversation I had with a young man on a plane the last time I had a drink, about seven months ago. I […]

Sobraiku #6


only thing I need: desire to not drink today it’s my kind of club

Back in the day, I could always muster up a reason to drink: Because something bad happened at work. Because something good happened at work. Because it was a beautiful spring/summer/fall/winter evening. Because the kids were acting up and I needed to take the edge off. Because I was at a party with strangers. Because […]

I didn’t receive a whole lot of guidance on how to choose my AA sponsor. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a sponsor is someone who typically has a year of sobriety in the AA program, who has worked all 12 steps and who is ready to take a newcomer under her wing. She has […]

…I made one. And I dedicate it to my friend, A., who celebrates four months in the program today. A. and I used to work together, and we ran into each other at a speaker meeting last night. I had wondered how long it would take for me to encounter someone from my crazy, dysfunctional […]