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When he spoke up and introduced himself in that telltale Texas twang, I recognized the name first and then the person. It was T., the stylist who used to bestow upon me my blonde highlights and bangs. Many, many, many, many moons ago. T. had just returned from a trip to California, he told us, […]

I’m in a huger than huge funk right now. I’m going through what a friend of mine euphemistically calls “personal turbulence” and I’m feeling pretty pitiful. Irritable. Out of sorts. Resentful. Sad. Lonely. And at times, not very hopeful. I’m getting myself to as many AA meetings as possible. In them, I’ve received lots of […]

First let me say that your grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Even my 5th grader knows when to use “your” and “you’re.” And my 3rd grader gets it right about half the time. But because most of your fellow Facebook quiz creators seem to lack this elementary knowledge, and that’s really not the […]

A friend recently sent me a job posting for a part-time lifestyle blogger, noting that it sounded “right up my alley.” He was right — they were looking for someone to write about my city’s dining, hotel, art and local entertainment scene, and to snap pictures to go with. I had all the requirements. Except […]