Dear Facebook Drunk Quiz Creator…


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First let me say that your grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Even my 5th grader knows when to use “your” and “you’re.” And my 3rd grader gets it right about half the time. But because most of your fellow Facebook quiz creators seem to lack this elementary knowledge, and that’s really not the reason I’m writing, I’ll let it slide.

I didn’t take this quiz of yours. I don’t take FB quizzes as a rule. There’s that bad grammar thing, first of all, which annoys me to no end. Then there’s the fact that I have to allow my Facebook info to be shared with you in order to take the darn thing.

However, none of that is my point.

I’m actually writing to commend you.

When I saw that a friend of mine had taken your “What sort of drunk are you?” quiz, I was about to ignore it and continue scrolling down when I noticed that she’d been pegged as “The Sober One.” Reading on, I saw that aside from potentially being labeled a “party pooper,” being The Sober One had much to recommend it — according to you.

I was surprised. I would have expected some serious sobriety-bashing in this forum. I wouldn’t even have expected that remaining sober would have been an option, let alone one that actually sounded acceptable. Yet here was your quiz, highlighting a few of the many benefits of not getting drunk: it’s cheap, it’s hangover- and embarrassment-free, and it’s a great source of Schadenfreude!

So I’d like to say, kudos to you, “What sort of drunk are you?” Quiz Creator. Thanks for recognizing that there’s a drinking option besides getting drunk. And it can actually be cool.


Another Sober One


7 Responses to “Dear Facebook Drunk Quiz Creator…”

  1. cool 🙂
    its always nice to see the benefits of sober living reflected back to us

  2. I just don’t get the FB hype. I would have lied on this one and had everyone think that the Quiz Gods had deemed me a safe drinker and driver. “See, I told you I’m not a real alcoholic”. Now I would have proof!

  3. 3 Chaz

    I didnt get sober to get boring.

    I am getting way more out of life and having way more genuine fun now that I am sober than when I drank.

    Drinking was never about fun for me. It was about escape. It was about running from the dogs snapping at my heels…. anxiety, fear, depression. It was about me becoming false.

    There is so much more fun…. on such a more genuine level being sober and living life in realities.



  4. Great post, I noticed this on FB at one point too and thought it was cool that the Sober One was an option….thanks for the post!

  5. LOL – The grammar things makes me crazy, too. But yes, how very 21st century of them to have non-drinking as a viable option.

    Chaz, I’m with you 100%.

    Great post.

  6. 6 Regarding Grammar/Spelling

    You’re = you are

    in that image they use it correctly

  7. 7 C

    In the title “You’re the Sober One” they use it correctly, but in the copy that follows they use each word incorrectly, for a total of two grammatical offenses.

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