This morning’s AA meeting: a blast from the past and some laughs.


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When he spoke up and introduced himself in that telltale Texas twang, I recognized the name first and then the person.

It was T., the stylist who used to bestow upon me my blonde highlights and bangs. Many, many, many, many moons ago.

T. had just returned from a trip to California, he told us, and was happy to report that he had enjoyed a completely sober visit. This, he noted with a playful smirk, in spite of the fact that they “don’t really know how to do meetings right out there.”

Our meeting chairman couldn’t resist: “Don’t tell me…they pass around the donation basket and it gets filled with I.O.U.s?”

Everyone in the room cracked up.

It was a good meeting, made even better by a mini-reunion with my old hairdresser. He didn’t seem surprised to see me at an AA meeting. On our way out, he told me that over the years, he had wondered what had happened to me.  I wondered to myself how many times I’d sat in his chair, reeking of sour tequila from too many margaritas the night before.

From connections to comedy, there’s never a dull moment in these AA meetings.

I think I’ll keep coming back.


3 Responses to “This morning’s AA meeting: a blast from the past and some laughs.”

  1. What you just wrote about made me smile. This is what I refer to as the “good stuff” in AA. The old acquantances, new friendships, comraderie…

    But hey! I got sober in L.A. ! I thought we knew how to do meetings out there 😉

  2. How great is that…I love meetings just for that reason, I wish that where I was had some larger meetings but you know, it’s just good to keep coming back!

    Great post

  3. heloooo?
    anyone home?

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