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It’s been two months since Diane Schuler drove the wrong way on New York’s Taconic State Parkway and the resulting crash killed Schuler and seven others, including her two-year-old daughter and her two young nieces. When the news broke a few days later that Schuler’s autopsy had revealed large amounts of both alcohol and marijuana […]

Sobraiku #7


Evening companions Once: cabernets, pinot noirs Now: one sweet red dog

…before I ended up with one of these in my Christmas stocking. File under: “Really? Really?”

Thunderstorms. Canceled flights. Wildly incorrect flight notifications. Lost luggage. The travel gods were against me last Thursday, as I attempted to fly to Virginia for a reunion and football weekend with my college girlfriends. It began as I sat on the tarmac for three hours at my home airport, while the pilot waited for clearance […]

This afternoon, I’m heading back East to reunite with my college girlfriends for a football weekend. When I mentioned this in my home meeting this week, a friend suggested I attend an AA meeting while in Virginia. I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t even considered that. In spite of the fact that football games […]

This is one of Daisy’s balls. Daisy, in case you missed that post, is the one-year-old rescue dog who joined our family a month ago. She’s an active dog, and still very puppylike in many ways. One of her favorite activities is playing fetch, and while she chases and snatches up balls with great enthusiasm […]

Fear of crashing, really. Or is it fear of losing control? Or just fear of turbulence? Whatever it is, I don’t like flying. There was a time in my career when I flew a lot for work, and I hated it. I especially despised morning flights to meetings, which meant I couldn’t soothe my nerves […]