AA out of town and high-tech.


plants & sky, copyright 2009, all rights reservedThis afternoon, I’m heading back East to reunite with my college girlfriends for a football weekend. When I mentioned this in my home meeting this week, a friend suggested I attend an AA meeting while in Virginia. I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t even considered that.

In spite of the fact that football games and the tailgates that accompany them are BIG drinking occasions, I am not worried about my sobriety. Even being immersed in this party-hard scene with old drinking buddies doesn’t worry me. I guess I hadn’t thought attending an out-of-town AA meeting was necessary, because in the past I’d only attended them early on in my sobriety, when I thought I’d need the reinforcement while away from home.

But as my friend’s suggestion reminded me, AA meetings aren’t just for helping to prevent you from drinking. And as I discovered, the few out-of-town ones I have attended not only helped strengthen my resolve when I was fairly new to the program, they also helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in this, that there were people all over who were finding strength and serenity through AA.

So – I got online and started looking for an AA schedule for my college town. I’m happy to report that there are plenty of meetings to choose from, so I’m set. While I was searching, though, I began to wonder whether there was an AA meeting locator iPhone app. ( I don’t have an iPhone, but I’m sure eventually I will.)

The bad news? I wasn’t able to find one. However, I know a few people who develop iPhone apps, so I’m going to suggest this to them. If it came to fruition, it’d be great if it could be available for free, or at least it for a minimal cost to help defray the expense of developing it. I just think it’s a cool and helpful idea.

The good news? There is an app called the “12 Steps AA Companion,” which has the Big Book text, a sobriety calculator and contacts for central offices nationwide. I can think of a few other features that could add to its appeal (the text of the 12&12, for example, and maybe some sort of Step Four worksheet…), though.

If anyone out there has additional resources to share, please feel free to post links in the comments section.

I’m glad that AA resources are multiplying and becoming more easily accessible. More resources might mean more alcoholics finding their way into recovery.

One can only hope…

*ADDENDUM: Thanks to reader JoJo, who alerted me in the comments section that an iPhone/iTouch app to locate AA meetings DOES exist (!) and will soon be available for Blackberry as well. You can find it here.

4 Responses to “AA out of town and high-tech.”

  1. 1 Mary W.

    Well, I am in double digit sobriety and I still go to out of town meetings. Alcohol is a subtle foe and jumps out at us at the least expected moment. Enjoy the meetings and don’t think you are ‘too sober’ to learn. That seems to get people drunk again.

    As for the iphone apps, it would do me no good as I don’t even own a cell phone! But good to know that AA is in the digital age even after 74 years.

  2. Hey great idea!! I’d never be able to figure it out, but still I great idea, lol!

    See this link –

  4. 4 C

    Wow – thanks, JoJo, for the info. I’m not sure why I couldn’t find it when I did an online search, but I’m glad you found me, so I can now update my post to include this info. I especially like the name – nice pun.

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