Counting my blessings.


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Again with the funk.

So I’m making a list. Because you can never make too many gratitude lists, right?

Tonight, before I head off to my 8pm Sunday meeting, I am thankful for:

  • the way Daisy dashes to the back of the yard when we return from a walk, to check to see if any squirrels have dared venture into her domain
  • my friend L., for being a the best movie buddy a girl could have
  • the rain, even though it thwarted many a well-anticipated plan this weekend
  • twelve-year-old girls dancing in the backyard with glowsticks
  • arugula and green beans and tomatoes and marigolds and zinnias growing in my garden
  • Daisy-proof fencing around aforementioned garden (installed very handily and proudly by yours truly)
  • strawberry and Nutella crepes for breakfast
  • fall fireflies (I’m watching them flicker right now as I type this!)
  • my faithful Canon Elph, which on Friday night captured
  • the Harvest Moon

Here’s hoping you all have many, many blessings to count today, too.


6 Responses to “Counting my blessings.”

  1. 1 Liz



  2. It sounds like you are living a beautiful life. Glad to see you digging a more positive perspective out of the funk.

  3. lovely list! very pretty 🙂
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. 4 Mary W.

    What wonderful things to be grateful for in early sobriety!


  5. 5 Sharon

    Ahhhhhhhh… GRATITUDE….

    “Gratitude is heaven itself” ~ William Blake

    Wishing you the BEST 🙂

  6. Ya C, ditto.

    Can’t ever be too-grateful. And when in doubt, count your blessings.

    I even heard one author share a strategy that she does every morning. When she gets out of bed, to start the day right, she makes a habit of putting one foot on the floor and saying “thank”, then the second foot, “you”. Then walk and with each step say, “thank”, “you” over and over.

    Sounded corny when I first heard it but then remembered days when I used to wake up and first thing I would do is reason through all the ways I might kill myself and not hurt anyone by doing so.

    Certainly, “thank, you” is a far cry better than that. Eh?


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