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  It’s what we say about sobriety in the Alcoholics Anonymous program: “You’ve got to give it away to keep it.” Last month, as I was nearing my one-year anniversary of being sober, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to give away my sobriety. That is, I was able to share my strength, […]

B.’s father died early yesterday morning. He’d been in a nursing home for about two years, landing there after a long and – from what I’d heard – often destructive battle with alcoholism and its attendant illnesses. He died in his sleep, and I think B. had made his peace with him a while back, […]

I ran into a friend at Starbuck’s this afternoon. She: “We’re going camping tonight.” Me: “I’m going to the AC/DC concert.” She: (Laughing) “Oh, you’ll be soooo stoned.” Me: (Weak laugh) “Welllllll…..not really. But I probably should be.” I won’t, in fact, be stoned. I won’t be drunk, either. Or even tipsy. As a recovering […]