Reason NOT to drink #6: AC/DC concert?


ac-dcI ran into a friend at Starbuck’s this afternoon.

She: “We’re going camping tonight.”

Me: “I’m going to the AC/DC concert.”

She: (Laughing) “Oh, you’ll be soooo stoned.”

Me: (Weak laugh) “Welllllll…..not really. But I probably should be.”

I won’t, in fact, be stoned. I won’t be drunk, either. Or even tipsy. As a recovering alcoholic, I’ll be stone cold sober at an AC/DC concert.

This is definitely one of those events that, in the past, would have required me to have a good buzz on. I would have said that a concert like this just begs to be attended under the influence…of something.

So it’ll be interesting, to say the least, to experience it with nary a drop or drag of anything mind-altering.

Though I’m a fan but not a huge fan, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy nodding – if not quite banging – my head in time to “Back in Black.”

I’m hoping they’ll play a lot of those classics.

I’m anticipating some good people-watching.

I’m bringing ear plugs.

Hell’s Bells!

Update – the morning after: AC/DC rocked. It was an incredible arena-rock concert like I haven’t seen in years. The stage show was everything you might expect and more – with animated sequences broadcast on huge screens, fantastic light and smoke effects, a giant AC/DC locomotive as the set centerpiece, cool camerawork, a surprise appearance by Rosie and a cannonfire salute to those of us already rocking. I had a fabulous time, and though the smell of booze and pot wafted through the air, I thoroughly enjoyed the show – sober.

AC/DC ©2009 all rights reserved


6 Responses to “Reason NOT to drink #6: AC/DC concert?”

  1. I saw them in Cincinnati last winter. Awesome 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it.

  2. I almost got tickets to this, too. Glad you get to go and bang your head without it banging you back tomorrow morning.

    For those about to rock, we salute you.

  3. Paloma Faith EPK
    the Single is called stone cold sober

  4. 4 Mary W.

    My last concert in sobriety was the Eagles before they all got back together. I wasn’t enthused with the smoke either. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I don’t do concerts because I don’t do crowds well.

  5. Hey C… I think we established some time ago that we are about the same age.

    I was a teenager when ACDC was at their peak. I never was fan of much heavy metal. Hard rock, yes. But anything dark and references to hell or satan creeped me out. And I wasnt even raised in church. It just did.

    Now, some 30 years later, I love the “Thunder” vid by ACDC. Amazing stage antics by the guy playing guitar in the prep-school outfit. (see, I am so not a fan, dont even know his name).

    But ya…. I woulda had to alter my mood chemically for a concert back then too. Glad I can have a real and pure experience today. And no longings or regrets.

    Sober, recovering life is amazing. I am high on real things like serenity, honesty, quality relationships, success, fitness, and giving to others with no expectation of return. I mean it… truly elated. And I can trust the elation.




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