Sobraiku #8


each new day unfolds

eyes opening to clear thoughts

like petals to sky

Today marks the beginning of National Poetry Month, a celebration near and dear to my heart.

I’ve been a writer since my kindergarten days, when I would fill tiny notebooks with scribbled rhymes about ducks and dogs and flowers and anything that struck my fancy. My mom still has some of these notebooks squirreled away for safekeeping, and someday when I’m famous, no doubt they’ll be worth a mint.

When I first got sober, almost 18 months ago, I turned to writing to keep me occupied in the evening, when I had previously turned to wine to still – or at least slow – my racing thoughts. This blog was the result of that, and it has not only helped to keep me sober, but has inspired me to write on a regular basis. I even ventured back into writing poetry, including the series of “Sobraikus” I’ve posted here over the past year and a half.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I thought I’d share a few poetic favorites with you.


A life in rhyme.

Because poetry is where you find it.

Not just for high-schoolers.

Motherhood: the haiku.

A poetic tour of the blogosphere.

3 Responses to “Sobraiku #8”

  1. I’m glad you began writing again; it is one of the greatest outlets for emotion. I actually had a prophet once tell me that I should start writing again. It helped me deal with the pain I was experiencing at that time. Now, a journal is always kept in my bedside drawer.

  2. 2 Sharon

    Writing has really helped me, too. I have filled 30 journals since I stopped drinking… when I get what I am thinking out of my head and onto paper, my perspective shifts. I see it so differently. *Thanks* for sticking with this blog… I *love* it 🙂

  3. Really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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