1,094 days, one at a time.


From my 12Steps iPhone app...


It’s my birthday.

Today I celebrate three years of sobriety, achieved one day at a time, in the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

It feels like a very short time and a very long time all at once.

Last night I went to our monthly citywide AA meeting. The speaker was a gentleman who got sober the year that I was born. That’d be 1965, if you must know.

I went to a meeting this morning, too, but had forgotten that it was perhaps the one meeting I attend where they don’t give out chips. I was a little bummed, to be honest. But I guess that’s just incentive to attend a meeting tomorrow…

Note: After I published this post, I received a notification that this was my 100th post. There’s a certain sort of beauty in that, I think…

2 Responses to “1,094 days, one at a time.”

  1. Congratulations, dear girl. I love AA birthdays.

  2. So happy for you, and also grateful for your lead into this program.

    Let me know if you go get a chip tonight and I’ll be there to support you.


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