what is it?

This is:

A blog about my “passion for jaywalking” (a.k.a. “alcoholism”) and my experiences as a newcomer (less than a year of sobriety) in the Alcoholics Anonymous program. (Illustrated with photos I took.)

How it works:

You read. You ponder. You find something useful. Or not. You read again tomorrow. You find something useful. You keep coming back.

My sobriety date: October 16, 2008.

15 Responses to “what is it?”

  1. 1 Lisa

    Hi there –

    My friend Susan Gorman sent me the link to your site. I am online all the time and pull about 200 feeds every morning – scan them and then move on. Your blog – although new – is worth actually reading.

    Best of luck to you – I can relate in many ways.


  2. 2 Mother Shaffer

    I like your posts. Funny and sobering. Keep up the good work.

  3. i found APFJ via a comment u left on a Proof entry and i read [and liked] almost all of the Jaywalking entries. i do drink occasionally & am probly an alcoholic. i quit for 10 years [it was a time i set] and in the 11 years since have drunk very little. however in the last year or so the stressful circumstances of my life have led to me drinking [still rarely, but more] for a different reason–as a release.
    ANYWAY i can tell u r trying hard to preserve your anonymity and i respect that. however one of my lifesavers is Flickr and i was curious about your images. i’d be a little surprized if everything on Jaywalking is yours because the pics are stylistically variant and really support your writing [it’s almost as if u work in advertising 😉 ].
    and i think u might live in Awestun. maybe P&N is a chain, but that and wurstfest…
    i lived and loved there for 30 years till i followed my wife to Outer Appalachia. i still miss it. i get to go to SXSW, for the last 3 years w/ a paying photography gig [the only paying phy gig i’ve had in many years].
    Blessings on you on your journey,
    David aka D. aka dcfox

  4. 4 C

    David – thanks for reading, and for your comments.

    Regarding your question about the pictures posted with my blog entries – they’re all mine. Along with jaywalking, I also have a passion for digital photography.

  5. Very interesting. Good luck with your journey staying sober. I must say thought I’m a little confused as to what jaywalking has to do with alcoholism.

  6. 6 C

    To PureCommonSense: Thanks for reading. If you click on that highlighted link (“passion for jaywalking”), it’ll take you to my post that has the passage from The Big Book of AA that makes the analogy of an alcoholic being like someone who has an inexplicable passion for jaywalking.

  7. 7 BeachBum

    You’re the first person I’ve met whose sobriety birthday is the same as my belly button birthday. A good day, I’m thinking.

    BB 10/16/59 3/13/86

  8. 8 Judy

    I too found your blog via the NTY alcohol blog which is fabulous, isn’t it? It was the name of your blog that immediately hit a chord. Soooo well chosen!

    I too am new to sobriety (16 months) so I like to read of others experiences besides just the folks at my meetings.

  9. 9 M

    Hey there,
    I just finished reading your blog from start to finish. It resonates with me because 1)it sounds like we come from similar places and I, too, am a mother now and 2) I think I need to stop drinking. I live abroad so meetings are not an option for me. My question is this: you seem to have a great sense of humor about the whole thing…has it been as easy at is sounds? I don’t hear the struggle that most recovering alcoholics deal with.
    I also wonder how do you think your drinking has affected your daughters? How old are they? Mine is 4 and I wonder if somehow the patterns I have established have affected her future already.
    I wish you the very best in life and love,
    continued success to you!

  10. Just stumbled upon your excellent writing and gorgeous photos. Not only is the title of your blog from one of my favorite passages in the Big Book, your blog itsself I think will shortly be a favorite spot on the web. Thank you. Keep publishing and snapping pictures. Both are a joy. My sobriety date is the start of this year.

  11. 11 Sharon

    Still following your blog 🙂 THANKS for the insight…. I LOVE it!

  12. 12 Megan

    I enjoy your blog! Please post some more!
    DOS = 5/29/07

  13. 13 Sharon

    Where R U? Let us know 🙂

  14. 14 Sharon

    *Thank You* for keeping up with this blog… I have enjoyed it and often refer friends to it 🙂

  15. Hi! I’ve had a passion for jaywalking, as well, in the past 😉

    I’m taking a poll on my website and would be interested in your feedback: Is internet addiction real?


    Would you be interested in featuring the poll on your site so I can get feedback from your readers?

    I recently started my anonymous blog and would like to know if I can add you to my blogroll, here:


    If you like the site, please feel free to add me to your roll, as well.

    Have a blessed day,


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