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…I made one. And I dedicate it to my friend, A., who celebrates four months in the program today. A. and I used to work together, and we ran into each other at a speaker meeting last night. I had wondered how long it would take for me to encounter someone from my crazy, dysfunctional […]

October 16, 2008 is my sobriety “birthday.” This week I picked up the lovely blue chip that marks my achieving six months of sobriety in the AA program. After a bit of reflection, I thought I’d share some stats about the past six months of my life: 182 = alcohol-free evenings 182 = hangover-free mornings […]

Sobraiku #4


one green plastic coin three months of serenity cheap at any price

On Tuesday, I went to an AA meeting and collected this chip to mark my second month of sobriety — 60 days of not drinking. When I type that, the length of time seems so…short…minor…insignificant. Yet it also seems huge, and like an eternity. At this particular AA group (one of several I attend), each […]