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Of all the things I’ve had to re-learn how to do in my sobriety, dating has got to be the toughest. I ended my almost five-year-long relationship with B. last year. I’m still hurting from that; I think it’s going to take a long time to heal. But I don’t want to sit around moping. […]

I experienced some of what a friend calls “personal turbulence” about two weeks ago. Well, maybe it was a bit more than turbulence, but I’ll call it that for now. Immediately after it happened, I was in shock. I trembled. I felt nauseous. I felt cold. And I had an extreme attack of dry mouth. […]

I ran into a friend at Starbuck’s this afternoon. She: “We’re going camping tonight.” Me: “I’m going to the AC/DC concert.” She: (Laughing) “Oh, you’ll be soooo stoned.” Me: (Weak laugh) “Welllllll…..not really. But I probably should be.” I won’t, in fact, be stoned. I won’t be drunk, either. Or even tipsy. As a recovering […]

Fear of crashing, really. Or is it fear of losing control? Or just fear of turbulence? Whatever it is, I don’t like flying. There was a time in my career when I flew a lot for work, and I hated it. I especially despised morning flights to meetings, which meant I couldn’t soothe my nerves […]

A much-needed break. A four-day-weekend. A little R&R. Time to decompress. Chillaxin.’ Call it what you will, the concept of “vacation” never existed in my mind without the accompanying concept of “drinking.” Whether it was a tropical getaway replete with piƱa coladas or a girls’ trip to NYC for a wealth of wining and dining, […]