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In the advertising world in which I work (and which no doubt harbors many an alcoholic), it’s well-accepted that the best tag lines are simple, easy to say, and easy to remember. “Good to the last drop.” “Where’s the beef?” “Drivers wanted.” The ones that stick are also often inspirational or empowering. “Have it your […]

Behold the contents of my gift bag from our tv commercial production company: A big-ass bottle of vodka, a fancy bottle of wine, snacks and magazines. Each of the four people from our agency found the same thing waiting for them at the hotel concierge desk on Monday. Not to look a gift horse in […]

Very early yesterday morning, I boarded a plane to Los Angeles. I’ll be out here for 5 days while shooting some tv commercials (I am an advertising writer). I’m staying at a very nice hotel, eating out most nights, living on an expense account, working long hours. It’s the sort of situation that just sets […]