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When I related that life hadn’t been particularly easy for me these past couple weeks (and especially the week before last), an AA friend of mine said, “Well, God must think you’re awfully strong.” If that’s the case, I kinda wish God would let up for a bit. Two weeks ago my younger daughter, who […]

Again with the funk. So I’m making a list. Because you can never make too many gratitude lists, right? Tonight, before I head off to my 8pm Sunday meeting, I am thankful for: the way Daisy dashes to the back of the yard when we return from a walk, to check to see if any […]

I’m in a huger than huge funk right now. I’m going through what a friend of mine euphemistically calls “personal turbulence” and I’m feeling pretty pitiful. Irritable. Out of sorts. Resentful. Sad. Lonely. And at times, not very hopeful. I’m getting myself to as many AA meetings as possible. In them, I’ve received lots of […]

Sobraiku #5


Then: mourning person Daybreak ached, wasted on me Now: morning person

I’ve got a thing for poetry, which means that today finds me especially happy, for April is National Poetry Month. I’m also happy because it’s spring, and absolutely lovely in my neck of the woods these days. During times like these, when life feels so damn good, it’s easy enough to cruise along and let […]