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. It’s my birthday. Today I celebrate three years of sobriety, achieved one day at a time, in the Alcoholics Anonymous program. It feels like a very short time and a very long time all at once. Last night I went to our monthly citywide AA meeting. The speaker was a gentleman who got sober […]

These days if you’re a writer who wants to get published, here’s one surefire way: choose an activity (the more off-the-wall, the better) and do it for one whole year. Write a blog about it, and then turn that blog into a book — maybe even into a movie. Recently there’s been a spate of […]

Thunderstorms. Canceled flights. Wildly incorrect flight notifications. Lost luggage. The travel gods were against me last Thursday, as I attempted to fly to Virginia for a reunion and football weekend with my college girlfriends. It began as I sat on the tarmac for three hours at my home airport, while the pilot waited for clearance […]

…I made one. And I dedicate it to my friend, A., who celebrates four months in the program today. A. and I used to work together, and we ran into each other at a speaker meeting last night. I had wondered how long it would take for me to encounter someone from my crazy, dysfunctional […]

I just had to share something that really tickled me when I logged in to my WordPress dashboard today. For those readers who aren’t bloggers, the “dashboard” is the control panel for a blog. Among its features is a section that allows a blogger to see how traffic to the site is generated — including […]