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Happy Hump Day.


I had to share this because it epitomizes my thought processes. And it’s Wednesday. And it’s funny. I live inside my head soooooo much. I constantly obsess over fears, relationship dynamics, perceived slights, financial insecurity, you name it. I analyze the shit out of stuff and make up the most incredible stories in my mind, […]

I didn’t receive a whole lot of guidance on how to choose my AA sponsor. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a sponsor is someone who typically has a year of sobriety in the AA program, who has worked all 12 steps and who is ready to take a newcomer under her wing. She has […]

I attended an interesting and quite lively AA meeting this morning. A visitor from Houston who said he was a singer/songwriter specializing in recovery music regaled us with the tale of his GPS-addled journey to find the meeting place. He was such a hoot, I suspect he might have been a recovering stand-up comedian. Also […]

Thank God I’m not a radio host. I’d have incurred some hefty FAA fines tonight. After dinner, I completely lost it with my 11-year-old (a.k.a. Control Freak Jr.). She got frustrated while doing her homework and I got frustrated at her frustration. She started yelling and I started yelling about her yelling. She started charging […]

Trading vices.


So here I am in the Big Apple on a girls’ weekend, with a mere 30 days of sobriety in the AA program under my belt. There have been plenty of opportunities to tumble off the wagon, needless to say. I’m here with my best girls – the ones with whom I’ve enjoyed many a […]