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  I wasn’t reassured when I first heard those words, “You are not alone,” uttered as a reassurance. To be honest, it kind of creeped me out. It sounded like something The Smoking Man would tell Molder on “The X Files.” As if aliens or (even scarier) the government were constantly watching me, tracking my […]

My neighbor T. asked for my help last week. Her partner was away on a business trip, and in order to make two early morning appointments, she needed me to give their two kids a ride to school on Tuesday and Thursday. No problemo, I said. T. told me that when her partner learned T. […]

When I heard the news about the US Airways flight that crashed into the Hudson River yesterday, I was amazed to learn that every single person had made it out safely. Wow. I watched the reporting for a bit, then went to sit outside on my porch. I looked up at the crisp blue sky […]